Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

While New Year’s Eve is often loud, there are ways you can protect your hearing, while still enjoying the celebration. Start the New Year right by following these useful tips to help protect your hearing on New Year’s Eve.

• To help protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss, wear earplugs or some other form of ear protection to help guard against damaging noise. 

• While fireworks can be fun, they are dangerously loud. In fact, fireworks are as loud as a gunshot blast, easily surpassing 120 dB. The safe noise level is 85 dB, so that means you should not be exposed without hearing protection and you need to stay a safe distance away.

• Going to be outside on New Year’s Eve in the cold? If so, make sure you bundle up and stay warm. Being out in the cold can make you more susceptible to viral infections, which can temporarily cause hearing loss and can even increase your chances of an ear infection. 

Remember, if you experience any degree of hearing loss or tinnitus after any loud event, you may have been exposed to excessively loud noise. While your ears may need time to recover, be sure to visit Little Rock Audiology as soon as possible if your symptoms persist.