Hearing Protection and Conservation

Hearing Protection and Conservation

Noise is not a new hazard. It has been a constant threat since the industrial revolution. Too much noise exposure may cause a temporary change in hearing (your ears may feel stuffed up) or a temporary ringing in your ears (tinnitus), which is why it is important to protect your ears and hearing.


These short-term problems usually go away within a few minutes or hours after leaving the noise. However, repeated exposures to loud noise can lead to permanent, incurable hearing loss or tinnitus. Little Rock Audiology recommends using hearing protectors in those situations where dangerous noise exposures have not yet been controlled or eliminated at work or around the house.


Our precise, custom-fit earpieces provide comfortable and highly-effective sound transmission to the ear for a multitude of applications. Our wide variety of custom-fit hearing protection products protect people in work, recreation and entertainment environments from an increasingly noisy world.

Custom Earmolds


Because your ears are unique, only custom-made hearing protection can provide perfect fit, and repeatable effectiveness. Custom hearing protection and communication earpieces from Little Rock Audiology are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors appropriate for any application. They’re virtually indestructible, and best of all, they’re affordable.


Protect Your Ears while Hunting


Designed for hunting and other high-level impact noise environments, Little Rock Audiology offers a full shell earpiece which features a valve that closes in the presence of impact noise. This allows hunters to hear clearly until the weapon is fired and still have some hearing protection from the gunfire.



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