Talking to Parents About Hearing Loss

Talking to Parents About Hearing Loss

Parents often give the best advice, but what happens when they’re the ones who need some guidance regarding a difficult topic like hearing loss. If you’re ready to broach this difficult topic and tell your parents it’s time to get hearing aids, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Here are three tips for success.

Do your homework – Take time to research the basics of hearing loss and hearing aids. If your parents have limited knowledge, they’ll appreciate that you are a few steps ahead of them. If they already know a lot about hearing loss treatment, you’ll be able to have an intelligent discussion if you know the basics.

Timing is important – Avoid talking about hearing aids with your parents during times when they may feel stressed out about other things or are at maximum frustration with their hearing loss. Wait until you have some peaceful alone time with them. Turn off the television and silence your phones so you won’t be interrupted.

Be empathetic and loving – First, try and put yourself in their shoes. After all, many years down the road, you may be the one on the receiving end of this difficult conversation with your children. You want them to get help for their hearing loss because you want the best for them. Don’t lose sight of your good intentions if the conversation isn’t going the way you hoped.

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