Safe Halloween with Hearing Loss

Safe Halloween with Hearing Loss


1. Take a flashlight

Darkness can make communication challenging. Take a flashlight with you, not only to see where you’re going, but it can also be useful to shine on someone’s hands while they are signing or to hold under the speaker’s lips so you can lipread.

2. Wear removable masks!

If you are trying to lip-read someone who is wearing a mask is a bit difficult! If you’re likely to have conversations with a friend wearing a mask, ask them to wear a removable mask – or better yet, use face paint instead – as it makes it easier for deaf people to be able to communicate.

3. Wear a glow-in-the-dark badge to say you’re deaf/hard of hearing

This will help other trick-or-treaters or householders to understand if you are struggling to hear.

4. Make sure everything works before going out

There’s nothing worse than your hearing aid batteries dying while out enjoying your Halloween. Check to make sure everything works before you go out. That way you can avoid having to go back home to fix things or trying to communicate in the dark with no technologies at all! And don’t forget to take spare batteries with you, just in case.

On top of that, have fun!