Yoga for People With Hearing Loss

Yoga for People With Hearing Loss

Interested in Yoga?  Here are a few tips to get you started!

1. Go with a friend. If you have a friend who does yoga, ask if you can go with him or her to a class. Your friend might also be able to give you a tutorial ahead of time to let you know what to expect. During a class, you can follow along by watching your friend without feeling awkward about observing someone too closely.

2. Before a class starts, inform your yoga teacher about your hearing loss. This knowledge will allow the teacher to give you extra assistance if you seem to be missing something. Don’t feel awkward about talking to the teacher about your hearing loss. It is typical for students to discuss physical limitations such as an injury or illness with the yoga teacher before class.

3. Find a central spot in the room. This way, you can watch the people in front of you if you don’t hear the teacher’s instructions, and you can see other yogis behind or beside you. It is best if you can also see the teacher in case he or she demonstrates any of the poses. You can also ask the teacher to recommend a spot that would work best considering your hearing issue.

4. Use a headband or sweatband to protect your devices. If you find your cochlear implant or hearing aids fall off or move around too much during class, try holding them in place with a bandana or sweatband. This will also keep the sweat out of your ears and protect your devices from excess moisture.

5. Have fun. Hey, it’s only yoga! Who cares if your downward dog could use some work or if you are slightly behind the flow of the class as it moves to the next pose? Look around the room—others probably are too. Yoga is about improving your health and mental well-being, not a competitive sport. It also gets easier the more you do it.

6. Don’t give up if the first class is a dud. The first class you try might not be the right one for you. Try another class, instructor, or yoga style, or explore another studio. It’s like trying out hearing aids or princes–the first one you kiss might not be a good match.